CSI Certification Verification Page

This is to certify that CSI Philippines has issued the following Certificates:

Certificate NumberRecipientNature
CSI22-J1Pablico, Marilen P.CHED SIAP Attendance/Participation
CSI22-J2Morales, Sandra R.CHE SIAP Attendance/Participation
CSI22-F1Ballutay, Kurt Kesley D.CHED SIAP Training Completion
CSI22-F2Yambao, Mariel Mae B.CHED SIAP Training Completion
CSI22-F3Andres, Divine Grace R.CHED SIAP Training Completion
CSI22-F4De Guzman, Martofer Ruhaha T.CHED SIAP Training Completion
CSI22-F5Garcia, Yna Georgia R.CHED SIAP Training Completion
CSI22-A1Our Lady of the Pillar College San Manuel IsabelaCertification of On-Going Virtual Internship

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