Welcome to the official site of CSI PHILIPPINES

CSI PHILIPPINES (CSI stands for Center for Student Internship) is an Internship Cooperating Agency for university students who are qualified to do the Commission on Higher Education’s Student Internship Abroad Program (CHED SIAP). CSI has been sending students to Thailand since 2012.  CSI is the Philippines’ largest and most preferred CHED SIAP Internship Cooperating Agency with offices both in Thailand and the Philippines.

CSI Philippines also provides internship Programs in the Philippines and soon to other ASEAN countries including South Korea, Japan, USA and Australia.

CSI Philippines also provides Virtual Internship Programs for Tourism and Hospitality Management students.

Virtual Internship for HRM and Tourism Students

CSI Philippines is now accepting students who wish to take Virtual Internship this second semester. The virtual internship programs designed and mounted by CSI Philippines is open to Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) students and Tourism Management (TM) students.

For inquiries, please send email to csi@csiphilippines.com.

Virtual Internship for Hospitality Management

CSI Philippines now offers virtual internship for Hospitality Management or Hotel and Restaurant Management students starting December 2020.

The program is available to all graduating BSHM or BSHRM students. For more details, please send inquiries to csi@csiphilippines.com