Faculty Development Seminar Part 1

Faculty Development Seminar Part 1

When the Dust Has Settled: The Future of Tourism and Hospitality Industry – Insights, Strategies and Prospects”

March 3, 2022 via Zoom

Official List of Participants issued a Certificate of Attendance. To get an ecopy of the certificate of attendance, participants can email us at csi@csiphilippines.com

Certificate NumberRecipient
FDS22-1-1Bee-Ann C. Estabillo
FDS22-1-2Wilma A. Velasco
FDS22-1-3Sandra R. Morales
FDS22-1-4Vera Niel A. Lizardo
FDS22-1-5Maria Cecilia E. Remanente
FDS22-1-6Glory Ann Karen C. Caldingon
FDS22-1-7Diyah Guwen Alejandrino
FDS22-1-8Blessie B. Cabanting
FDS22-1-9Consuelo M. Burac
FDS22-1-10Zarny Zaragoza
FDS22-1-11Valerie A. Abesamis
FDS22-1-12Jo Nova T. Apag
FDS22-1-13Elizabeth A. Baclig
FDS22-1-14Sonia T. Belinan
FDS22-1-15Rubylene Jane T. Bactadan
FDS22-1-16Evan A. Magsayo
FDS22-1-17Gladys B. Caramoan
FDS22-1-18Rden G. Gayramara
FDS22-1-19Horacio T. Gutierrez
FDS22-1-20Dixie Mae P. Matutino
FDS22-1-21Sharmaine R. Raganit
FDS22-1-22Myrna V. Ceno
FDS22-1-23Charles Janzen J. Rosario
FDS22-1-24Eddie Bucal
FDS22-1-25Johannes M. Beleno
FDS22-1-26Jenny Unico
FDS22-1-27Jervin Dale B. Formoso
FDS22-1-28Precious Joy B. Grospe
FDS22-1-29Barnard J. Maraon

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