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CSI Philippines started sending students to Thailand in 2012 after its Managing Director, Domnic R. Amayun, Ph.D. developed the concept of Thailand Internship for Hospitality and Tourism students.  He came up with the idea of linking the gap between the needs of the tourism industry in Thailand and the need of Filipino students for an affordable and reliable international on-the-job-training. CSI’s first clients were the University of Assumption San Fernando with six (6) students and Divine Word College Calapan with five (5) students. In 2012, CHED has not yet issued a CMO regulating student’s international internship.  However in 2013, CHED issued CMO 22, series of 2013 commonly known as CHED SIAP which regulates sending students abroad for purposes of internship.  CHED now limits sending students abroad for internship purposes to colleges and universities who are autonomous, deregulated or whose particular programs are at least accredited Level II by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines.  If a particular college or university does not posses the level of accreditation required by CHED, they can not send their students for international internship.

From 2 university partners in 2012 with 11 trainees who availed the Thailand Internship Program, CSI Philippines now sends an average of 500 students per year from 30 university partners.  From 2 hotel partners in 2012, CSI now has almost 100 Foreign Host Partners who can readily accommodate Filipino students. Undoubtedly, the numbers are expected to grow yearly.

As the largest and most preferred Philippine Internship Cooperating Agency that sends students for CHED SIAP in Thailand, CSI Philippines is now expanding its capacity to send Filipino students for training to other parts of the world! Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan and South Korea are in the pipeline. When the first batch of K12 Program reaches their 4th year, they’ll soon have more options for international internship.

With the demands and challenges of times, CSI Philippines shall remain to its commitment to provide affordable and reliable international internship.


To be the preferred Internship Cooperating Agency of both the academe and the industry.


To continuously strengthen the linkages that connect great manpower and great companies by providing timely and relevant services to both the academe and the industry.


To fulfill our Vision and Mission, CSI will endeavor to be professionally competent, socially committed and character oriented in all our business activities.


Jump-start A Great Career Now


Green – which represents growth and new beginnings

White – which represents a blank canvass waiting to be written upon


International internship opportunities in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries.


CSI Philippines has offices in Manila, Batangas and Phuket. CSI is the only Philippine-based Internship Cooperating Agency that has office in Thailand. Soon, CSI will establish its offices in other countries to cater to the needs of the trainees.

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