CSI Philippines offers webinars on various topics delivered by industry experts.  The modules are designed to help participants (particularly directed to students enrolled in their OJT) to gain practical knowledge that can help them in their future profession while they can not actually undergoing onsite OJT because of COVID19 General Community Quarantine.  The topics are conceptualized and delivered in such a way that participants will learn actual industry practice.

The following are the available topics for webinars:

Topic 1 – Step By Step Guide on How to Put Up a Travel Agency in the Philippines

Topic 2 – 5 Strategies to Help Travel Agencies Survive a Global Crisis Now and Thrive Afterwards

Topic 3 – Revenue Margin Analysis for Travel and Tour Activities

Topic 4 – The Future of Consumer Booking

Topic 5 – 8 Steps for Travel Agencies to Build a Brand

Topic 6 – Pricing For Recovery

Topic 7 – 7 Steps to Attract More Customers and Grow your Business

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