Welcome to the official site of CSI PHILIPPINES

CSI PHILIPPINES (CSI stands for Center for Student Internship) is an Internship Cooperating Agency for university students who are qualified to do the Commission on Higher Education’s Student Internship Abroad Program (CHED SIAP). CSI has been sending students to Thailand since 2012.  CSI is the Philippines’ largest and most preferred CHED SIAP Internship Cooperating AgencyContinue reading “Welcome to the official site of CSI PHILIPPINES”

Businesses and Activities in Thailand That are Allowed to Re-open From May 3, 2020

Bangkok, 02 May, 2020, at 12.00 Hrs. – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to provide a summary of businesses and activities that are allowed to reopen from 3 May, 2020, under the directives of the one-month extended Emergency Decree. According to the directives published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on 1 May,Continue reading “Businesses and Activities in Thailand That are Allowed to Re-open From May 3, 2020”

Protocols Travelers Must Know When Travelling to Thailand During COVID19

This video explains the protocols all travelers must know when travelling to Thailand during the COVID19 pandemic.  It explains the processes travelers must past through before receiving immigration stamp and the disease control measures they should know while staying in Thailand. Video from the Office of International Cooperation, Department of Disease Control, Thailand