Terms and Conditions of Discount Voucher


Terms and Conditions:

  1. 30,000.00 Discount Voucher must be used by submitting a Letter of Intent and Resume on or before December 18, 2019 only.  This means that the holder of the Discount Voucher must signify his/her willingness to join CHED SIAP Thailand until December 18, 2019 only.
  2. Beyond December 18, 2019, the 30,000.00 Discount Voucher is no longer valid and will no longer be honored.
  3. The 30,000.00 Discount Voucher is applicable only to those who will join CHED SIAP Thailand on school year 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 but needs to submit their Resume and Letter of Intent already on or before December 18, 2019.
  4. Holders of the Discount Voucher who will undergo CHED SIAP Thailand for school year 2019-2020 are not entitled to the benefits of the Discount Voucher.
  5. 30,000.00 will be deducted in the final Program Fee of CHED SIAP Thailand.
  6. Upon using the Discount Voucher and submission of Resume and Letter of intent, holder must pay a reservation fee of 8,000.00.  The reservation fee is deductable from the total Program Fee of CHED SIAP.
  7. The reservation fee of 8,000.00 is refundable in full without any condition and deduction until the actual semester the student will fly for internship.  It’s 100% refundable for whatever reason until the student hasn’t signed up yet with a host company in Thailand.  Meaning, a student who paid a reservation fee and has submitted already a Letter of Intent and Resume can withdraw participation anytime for whatever reason until the semester he/she will fly for CHED SIAP Thailand.

To illustrate, Juan Dela Cruz is currently a 2nd year student this school year 2019-2020.  He has a 30,000.00 Discount Voucher and is willing to participate in CHED SIAP Thailand. Juan Dela Cruz has to submit his Resume and Letter of Intent together with his reservation fee of 8,000.00 until December 18, 2019.  By circumstance, Juan Dela Cruz will no longer continue schooling, has dropped or has decided not to proceed can fully refund his reservation fee of 8,000.00 anytime he likes until the actual semester he will fly to Thailand.  No condition for the refund.  However, if Juan Dela Cruz decides to participate in CHED SIAP Thailand again after withdrawing his reservation fee, the 30,000 Discount Voucher can no longer be used and he will be paying the current price of the Program and no guaranteed slot shall be given.  He will likewise be in the second priority list with almost zero chances of getting a slot.

8. If a student who has paid the reservation fee of 8,000.00 will not be hired by any host company in Thailand or has failed in the interview, the reservation fee is refundable in full.

9. Upon using the Discount Voucher and paying of 8,000.00 reservation fee, the student will only make the next payment the semester prior to flight.

To illustrate, Juan Dela Cruz is a 2nd year student has 30,000.00 Discount Voucher will participant in CHED SIAP Thailand on December 2020 (3rd year standing, January 2021 start of second semester). This is his schedule of payment:

Program Fee: 128,000.00 (all inclusive, no hidden charges)

Less Discount Voucher: 30,000.00

Total Program Fee: 98,000.00

Less: 8,000.00 Reservation Fee (December 18, 2019)

Balance: 90,000.00

August 18, 2020: 22,500.00

September 18, 2020: 22,500.00

October 18, 2020: 22,500.00

November 18, 2020: 22,500.00

If Juan Dela Cruz will make full payment on August 18, 2020, additional discount of 10,000.00 will be given.  Hence, Juan Dela Cruz will only pay 80,000.00 instead of 90,000.00.  So instead of paying 128,000.00, Juan Dela Cruz only paid 88,000.00 for an all inclusive 6 months training in Thailand

10. The Discount Voucher is not transferable.  Holder must take a photo of the Discount Voucher together with his/her school ID immediately upon receipt of the Discount Voucher. The student must keep a copy of the photo and must present the same when using the Discount Voucher.  No photo of the Discount Voucher together with the student’s school ID, no discount.

11. A student is entitled to one Discount Voucher only.  Discount Vouchers can not be cumulatively used by a single student.

12. No extension of the December 18, 2019 deadline is provided.

13. For program inclusions and exclusions, please click here.

14. Other terms and conditions of CHED SIAP Thailand applicable.

15. All payments must be through bank deposit only to any of the following accounts:

BDO Account Number: 2620214811

BPI Account Number: 0879116465

PNB Account Number: 151210016555

EastWest Account Number: 200034022894

ACCOUNT NAME: J8 Travel Services

BANK BRANCH: Pasay Libertad

16. No staff of J8CSI is allowed to receive payment.  Payments made done outside the official bank accounts of J8CSI will not honored and will never be credited to your account. Ensure to double check before paying.

17. After a deposit is made, take a photo of your deposit slip and send in the FB group chat created for this purpose

18. For clarifications, questions and queries, please do not hesitate to contact J8CSI immediately.

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